Image of Schechter Manhattan Students from years past

A Passion for Lifelong Learning

Lately, I have been taking the time to reflect on my time at Schechter Manhattan, and I realize how lucky I was to be part of a community where the teachers not only loved what they did but cared about each student as an individual. A few years ago, on a trip to Germany, I caught up with my 4th-grade teacher, and we discussed just that.

Schechter Manhattan not only gave each of us a passion for learning, but it also gave us a lifelong community.
I remember my time at Schechter Manhattan fondly. I may have started Kindergarten in 2002, but my memories of Schechter Manhattan begin even earlier. I could not wait to go to school, be just like my big brothers and participate in Lag-Ba’omer, or hang out with my own classmates at the Shabbaton. I remember going to Schechter Manhattan (at the time in Park Avenue Synagogue) for a meet and greet for Kindergarteners. I remember my mom brought me, and I was so nervous, but when we walked in, they gave us each a Twizzler, then I saw my best friend, who was the younger siblings of my brother’s friends, and I knew everything was going to be ok. 


Image of Schechter Manhattan Students from years past

On the academic side, it took me longer to realize how much Schechter Manhattan gave me. The impact of Schechter Manhattan’s learning style has positively affected me multiple times throughout my academic journey. It taught me most of all to be an active and enthusiastic learner. I know that it is from my Schechter Manhattan teachers that I learned how to question everything, use productive criticism, ask for help, and finally, to love learning for its own sake.


Image of Schechter Manhattan Students from years past


Schechter Manhattan provided me with an amazing foundation that allowed me to flourish there, in high school, college, graduate school and in my professional life.


Lauren Kupferberg, Class of 2011



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