09 Jun Support Schechter Manhattan: Give to the Spring Match

On Wednesday morning the Gan students presented their learning to their parents.  It was inspiring to interact with our youngest students, as they explained what they had learned about writing stories, connecting personally to tefilot, counting up numbers, and experimenting with scientific materials. I was especially moved by their presentation of their learning of Hebrew language, singing Naomi Shemer’s alef bet song together. That song is learned by every Jewish child in Israel, and connects our students to the people and culture of Israel, just as the Hebrew language that they learned this year connects them to Jews around the world. It was powerful to see the Gan students reflect on their year of learning.

Later the same morning I attended some of the graduation exhibitions of the class of 2017. The students presented about the values and experiences that have influenced them through their years at Schechter Manhattan and the goals that they have as they look ahead to high school and beyond. The presentations were powerful expressions of what we aspire for our students to become – self reflective, self motivated, articulate, confident, skilled, and connected to their Jewish identities. Students shared things they appreciate about Schechter Manhattan- opportunities to collaborate in learning, supportive peers, and teachers who know them really well. As I listened to our almost-graduates look back on the impact of their Schechter Manhattan education I was filled with excitement for the Gan students, the class of 2025, who have so much great learning and growing ahead of them.

All of the students’ accomplishments at Schechter Manhattan are made possible by a community of supporters who believe in our mission to nurture the skills and dispositions represented by the Gan and 8th graders this week. Sustaining the meaningful learning and Jewish experiences that take place day in and day out at Schechter Manhattan and that lead to such amazing outcomes requires an investment of resources. Our efforts at Schechter Manhattan have widespread community support, with many friends contributing to our annual campaign each year. Funds raised in the annual campaign go directly to excellent education taking place in Schechter Manhattan classrooms right now.

This week, a number of our supporters have stepped forward to lead us in sustaining Schechter Manhattan by pledging $70,000 as matching funds for the spring appeal of our annual fundraising campaign: Vivian and Daniel Bernstein – Alexander Wolf and Son, Yael Even-Moratt and Yonatan Even, Julie Sissman and Phil Richter, and an alumni family who wishes to remain anonymous. I am truly inspired by each of these friends’ dedication to Schechter Manhattan and to Jewish education. I join with these four families in encouraging you to give today. This amazing $70,000 match is a terrific way to see your gift of $18, $180, $1800 or more go even further! Double the impact of your gift by giving between now and Schechter Manhattan graduation on June 19th.

Thank you to all those who have already given!


Benjamin Mann

Author’s Chair

Each week we feature the written work of our students. We hope you will stop by every week and see what they are writing and thinking about.



As our Gan students wrap up the year, they began to think about their futures and what they want to be when they are older.

When I grow up I want to be a….


“EnJNER” because “i liiK TRANS” (engineer because I like trains)



“VAt” because “I kn HV PSZ” (vet because I can have pets)



“TeChr” because “I like techIg” (teacher because I like teaching)



Kitah Bet

The 2nd grade students wrote about the problem and solution in the books they are reading at home.

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Kitah Dalet

After learning the complete story of Yaakov and Esav, Kitah Dalet illustrated stories that summarized the journey of the two brothers reconnecting.

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