Schechter Manhattan Students are Writers and Here’s What They’re Writing.

As I walked through classrooms at Schechter Manhattan earlier this week I saw students busy writing across the grades.  The gan student were practicing building block skills of how to write each letter, even as they used their emerging skills to express their ideas.  Fourth graders were working in groups to write different types of paragraphs, offering each other tips and encouragement. And Middle School students were exploring ideas and organizing their thoughts through writing.


I was struck by the process of developing writing skills and thought it would be cool to share that development by collecting recent writing of students from each grade in the school.  Click on the links below to check out the pieces so that you can also see how Schechter Manhattan students develop as writers.


  • Gan- Students responded to one of four prompts to generate ideas for writing:  I imagine, I wonder, I observe and I remember. Daniel wrote.
  • 1-  Students were asked to write about acts of kindness they could do at school or home.  Adin wrote.
  • 2-  In their reading response journals students are writing questions and finding answers while they read.  Amy wrote.
  • 3- Students utilized the stages of the writing process to write either a  memory, wondering, observation, or imagination. Louisa wrote.
  • 4- Students practiced writing expanded paragraphs. Daniel wrote.
  • 5- Students were asked to pick a photo from the recent field trip to Waterloo village and write about what was going on in the photo and to reflect on that part of the trip in the form of a paragraph.  Ariela wrote.
  • 6- Students created Greek Myths that explain a natural phenomenon.  Renata wrote.
  • 7- Students wrote prepared remarks for their opening statements of the election debates.  Abby and Simon wrote.
  • 8- Students responded to the prompt: What are the core values of the American Dream? Has it changed over time? Is it now more of a dream than a reality? Elijah wrote.

Shabbat Shalom

Benjamin Mann
Head of School