Student Products: Distance Learning in Action

In the three weeks that Schechter Manhattan has been educating our students through distance learning, amongst our goals has been for students to continue to engage actively in meaningful learning activities.  While this has been challenging to do across digital platforms, we are gratified that the creative and tireless work of the Schechter Manhattan teaching faculty has afforded students opportunities to continue learning across the grades. And, we are very proud of how so many Schechter Manhattan students have brought their full selves to the new learning modalities. Schechter Manhattan students have been working over these weeks, as they continued to think about ideas, practice skills, and develop understandings.  Check out the samples of student work compiled below- they offer a window into the purposeful learning our students are up to.

  • Gan – Students chose one of their passions and wrote a nonfiction book about it, including 4 facts and a table of contents.  Ella wrote
  • First Grade – Students are studying folktales and were asked to write a story using a video of DeAnn’s family farm and horses as the setting in their own folktale.  Natalie wrote
  • Second Grade – Students merged their Science unit with the study of Israel to answer the following questions: What is the problem with water in Israel and the world, what innovations has Israel invented to solve the problem, how do the innovations work, and will this help Israel in the future? Amitai wrote
  • Third Grade – For their “Free to Be Me Culture Exhibition” students are thinking about their own culture and how it shapes and defines them.  They were asked to name a few different cultures they feel they belong to and write about how different aspects are displayed.  Abby wrote
  • Fourth Grade – Students are working on expanded paragraph writing, making sure each supporting sentence is varied and well articulated. They answered “if you could have any animal as a pet, what would you choose and why?”.  Liat wrote
  • Fifth Grade – Students are working on a large research project about New York City.  Their focus is on different landmarks throughout the city and how they have changed and impacted people living here. Ezra wrote
  • Sixth Grade – Students were asked to design a theme park ride and identify how concepts related to forces and motion appeared in their ride. Ariel wrote.
  • Seventh Grade – After learning about the chemistry of polymers, students selected a creative project from a “choice menu” to demonstrate their understanding of the topic. Simon wrote
  • Eighth Grade – Students in 8th grade learned the first two chapters of Bereshit in depth, then analyzed, compared and contrasted a number of key aspects of Adam’s creation. Students were tasked to share their understanding using the text to support their arguments. Leeya wrote