11 Nov Veterans Day, Citizenship and Memory

On Thursday the 3rd – 8th grade students and faculty gathered for our Veteran’s Day assembly. Each year we take time to be thankful to the men and women who serve in the United States armed forces. Our program this year included singing of the national anthem, reading prayers for the safety of soldiers and for peace, and discussion of how important it is for us to have safety in our lives. Students in Gan – 2nd grades expressed their gratitude by writing letters of thanks to Robert Ehnle, who served in the United States Army.

At Schechter Manhattan we aspire for our students to develop pride in their American identities.  This week, in addition to Veteran’s Day we had many occasions to teach and learn about the blessings of our special country. All of our students joined the nation and voted on Tuesday (some voted for their favorite cookie – the Oreo won, while others helped to decide whether the school would consider donating tzedakah to both Jewish and non-Jewish organizations – overwhelmingly our students chose to give to charities regardless of religious affiliation), practicing the civic responsibility and highlighting the privilege that we have in the United States to express our voices through informed debate and the right to vote. On Wednesday, the Middle School students commemorated Kristallnacht, and reflected on the infringement of the rights of Jews in Nazi Germany. Situated between election day and Veterans Day, the commemoration of Kristallnachtreminds us of how fortunate we are to be Jews living in our free country, able to practice our religious heritage and participate openly and equally in society.

It is important for us and our students to develop an appreciation of the men and women of the United States armed forces who commit their lives to protecting all of these freedoms. We thank them for their service and pray for the safety of all our troops at home and abroad.

Benjamin Mann

Author’s Chair

Each week we will feature the written work of our students. We hope that you will stop by every week and see what they are writing and thinking about.


Kitah Aleph

As Kitah Aleph finished the cookie campaigns, we wondered what we would do to make a change in our world if we became president? The Kitah Aleph friends imagined themselves as the future Presidents of the United States. We wrote about how we would change/help the world if we ever became president.


Click here to see the original work by Arielle.

I YoD  Halp Pepaial and mak at a Badr YRld – (I would help people and make it a better world)



Click here to see the original work by Rona.

I WOD HLP TO PiPLOS OR NiD HP – (I would help to people who need help)

— Rona


Click here to see the original work by Naomi.

I HaLP PePL GT MNE, I HLP PPEOL GET FOD, I HLP PPEPLGFASTR  I HLaLP PeopLGo  Klos – (I help people get money. I help people get food.  I help people get faster. I help people get food)

– Naomi


Click here to see the original work by Aviya.

I WLT LPL to HA PoPL – (I wan tpeople to help to help people)



Click here to see the original work by Solal.

WMKPTEDAY – (I would make a party every day)




 Kitah Gimmel

Kitah Gimmel has been working on the writing process where we generate seeds of ideas and then develop them. Once an idea is identified, the students then draft, revise (by adding juicy detail) and edit their work. Our final step is to write the ideas out as a final copy and share them. Attached are some of the final drafts and some are still works in progress.

Click here to read work by AkivaAriel and Renata.



Kitah Heh

Kitah Heh has been writing different types of expanded paragraphs- reason, example, persuasion, and classification paragraphs.


Animals can be put into three categories. One type of category is air animals. One kind of air animal is a pigeon. Pigeons are everywhere, but there is a lot of them in the city. Another  kind of air animal is a bat. I think they are the coolest because they sleep upside down. The last kind of air animal is a hawk. They fly fast and they are really strong predators. Another type of animals are land animals. One kind of land animal is a tiger. They are mainly hunted and are on the top of the food chain. Another kind of land animal is a snake. They can eat about every thing. The last kind of land animal is a tapir. They like swampy areas and they are black and white. The last type of animals are water animals. One kind of water animal is a shark. They are one of the most dangerous animals in the ocean. Another kind of water animal is a water eel. They are long and silky. That’s all for today folks.



Games and what you do in them

There are many fun video games you can play. One fun game is Minecraft, for computer, mobile and console. In Minecraft, you can kill monsters, mine resources, and build beautiful worlds. Another example of a fun game is Rodeo Stampede, a mobile game. In Rodeo Stampede, you can play a fun game where you jump between different animals, avoiding other animals and obstacles, and play with a tycoon element where you build up and expand a zoo. My last example of a fun game is Cubic Castles. This game is similar to Minecraft in that you gather resources and build up a world, but it focuses more on online multiplayer functions, with things like trading, currency, and whole overworlds to get to other people’s realms. These games are all very different, but I like all of them and encourage you to give them a try.



Different Eaters

In the world there are different eaters and different opinions!  One category  of eaters is a vegetarian eater! A vegetarian eater is an eater that doesn’t eat meat! But vegetarians do eat fruit and veggies! Vegetarian eaters eat  pineapples, apples, bananas,cherries, strawberries and oranges!  Another type of an eater is a vegan eater. A  vegan eater is an eater that doesn’t eat anything that comes from animals including milk,honey,eggs,meat and cheese. Vegans eat things like tofu,almond milk and nuts. The last type of  eater is a meat eater. Meat eaters are eaters that eat everything  but mostly meat. Meat eaters eat things like chicken,Beef,turkey and steak. We should all accept every eater for the ways they eat and accept their opinion on good things to eat and bad things to eat.




Kitah Chet

As part of an end-of-unit math assessment, Kitah Chet students were asked to provide reasons that linear models are helpful, situations in which these models could be helpful, and reasons why it is important to have accurate models.

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