26 May How To Break Israel’s Bond With Young American Jews In One Easy Lesson

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Benjamin Mann

Author’s Chair

Each week we feature the written work of our students. We hope you will stop by every week and see what they are writing and thinking about.


Kitah Aleph

Kitah Aleph has been learning a lot about Yerushalayim in preparation for Yom Yerushalayim. They created paintings of various buildings, artifacts, and scenery and labeled them.










(the Kotel)



Click on the student’s name to see their work HannaAviya, and Liat.


Kitah Gimmel

Students in Kitah Gimmel read biographies and synthesized the information to write an article that highlighted the person’s early life, important events, and why he or she is worth remembering and learning about.

Click here to see work by Sammy, Akiva, Adina, and Joey.


Kitah Heh

We recently completed a study of American immigration in 5th grade culminating in several days of incredible presentations. We spent many weeks preparing for this by researching immigration topics and writing papers based on this research.

Click here to see work by BatyaJaydenJonathanShirley, and Shoshana.