10 Jun Welcome to the Class of 2025

On Sunday morning I attended a wonderful gathering at Schechter Manhattan-the first gathering of the students and families of the Schechter Manhattan class of 2025. These students will begin Gan this coming fall. It was great to welcome the excited preschool students to their new school, where they will spend the next nine years growing and learning. The students made quick friends, playing in the Gan classroom, listening intently to a story, and singing Hebrew songs together. The parents made new connections too, as returning families who have older children at Schechter Manhattan got to know parents joining us for the first time. The group of students and families is truly terrific, filled with interesting and caring people who are sure to contribute positively to the Schechter Manhattan community.

This week I also had the pleasure of attending the 8th grade graduation exhibitions of the class of 2016. The students presented about the values and experiences that have influenced them through their years at Schechter Manhattan and the goals that they have as they look ahead to high school and beyond. The presentations are powerful expressions of what we aspire for our students to become- self reflective, self motivated, articulate, confident, skilled, and connected to their Jewish identities. Students shared things they appreciate about Schechter Manhattan- opportunities to collaborate in learning, supportive peers, and teachers who know them really well.  As I listened to our almost-graduates look back on the impact of their Schechter Manhattan education I was filled with excitement for the students of the class of 2025, who have so much great learning and growing ahead of them.

Please join me in welcoming the newest members of the Schechter Manhattan community, the class of 2025.

Abigail S.
Adele C.
Aden C.
Alan H.
Alexander F.
Amalia C.
Daniella G.
Eitan S.
Eli V.
Emilia L.
Emmy J.
Ezra S.
Judah W.
Juniper M.
Lina A.
Louisa R.
Neva R.
Noa H.
Odelia A.
Yadin T.

Shabbat shalom and chag sameach

Benjamin Mann

Author’s Chair




Gan students wrote about themselves as part of creating their “All About Me” books.


My favorite this is readING IT is SOW FUN (My favorite thing is reading. It is so fun.)



My favorite thing is droing (My favorite thing is drawing.)



When I grow up I want to be a Har stilst (When I grow up, I want to be a hair sylist.)



Kitah Bet just completed an author study of Kevin Henkes. Using Henkes as an inspiration, each student wrote a short story about a young animal with a problem.


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Kitah Dalet students finished learning the story of Ya’akov and Eisav. As a final project the students either illustrated a picture book of the story, or they wrote about how two pesukim connected to our big ideas of this unit. The unit’s big ideas were 1. some experiences in life are transformational, and 2. how can people mend a broken relationship?

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