Summer Reading 2019

Summer Reading 2019

1st-6th Grades: Summer Reading List and Assignments 

Though the school year is ending and summer is just beginning, we hope that you will continue to make reading part of your child’s summer experience.  This is a perfect time for your child to read new books and try out new genres in a relaxed setting.  Summer reading is also an excellent way to keep your child connected to learning during the vacation while also supporting our objectives of encouraging each child to become a life-long reader and learner.

We are pleased to send you our annual summer reading list – a compilation of recommended reading selections for all grades in the upper elementary and middle school divisions. These books are chosen, in part, because they are wonderful pieces of literature and also because they are student and teacher favorites.  This list is only a sampling of the many incredible books to be discovered by your child.  Many of the included authors have written other titles besides those on our list. We urge you to take a trip to your local library or bookstore in your neighborhood to explore their offerings.

Our summer list is divided into grade ranges in order to help you select books that are most appropriate to your child’s reading level and interests.  Where possible, there are reading levels or age ranges provided.  In addition, there are selections devoted to books with math content, poetry, and books with Jewish content.  Finally, there is a section of recently published books and books new to our list.

We encourage you to continue to read together with your child even as s/he enters the upper grades and middle school.  We hope that this information is helpful and wish you a summer filled with many hours of enjoyable reading.  In addition to our reading list, there are summer reading assignments for students who will be entering grades 2-7 in September, 2019.

The reading list will be available on our school website: Forms & Resources page or by clicking here.

Below are links to your child’s summer reading assignment.  Click on the link for your child’s grade in September 2019.
Assignment for current first graders, rising second graders
Assignment for current second graders, rising third graders
Assignment for current third graders, rising fourth graders
Assignment for current fourth graders, rising fifth graders
Assignment for current fifth graders, rising sixth graders
Assignment for current sixth graders, rising seventh graders

Here are some ways you can support your child’s reading:
Make reading a priority in your home
Set aside time to read together
Find a favorite time to read together
Provide a large assortment of reading materials
Make frequent visits to the local library
Let your child select materials to read
Read aloud to your child
Talk about your child’s reading together
Let your child see you reading
Let your child know that reading is important
Have a reading night

Websites that support reading and offer reading suggestions:

The Association of Library Service to Children
Children’s Book Council
The New York Public Library 
Jewish Book Council
The Horn Book

Both Barnes and Nobles and Amazon have special summer reading areas on their websites as well as lists of the best books of the year.